Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Mixed comedy....

Thalivar: Andha TV mela case podanum..
Thondan: Ean thalaiva??
Thalivar: Nama katchi arambichadha Vilayattu seidhigal-la potrukkan..

Sardar Son: O God! Please make Newyork the capital of Punjab.
Sardar: Why are you praying for that?
Sardar Son: That is what I have written in my exam...

Why are Egyptian's children always confused?? Because after death, their daddy becomes the Mummy!!

Sardar1: Train kandupidichadu nallatha pochu..
Sardar2: yaen??
Sardar1: illaina thandavalam yellam veena poirukkum...!!

Teacher: Can you tell me something about Raja Ram Mohan Roy?
Saradji: They were 4 best friends..!

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